The lampshade is our origin, our starting point, for many years represented the only category in which took shape thousands of different items.

Even today remains the core of our activity, in terms of commitment and for a purely economic level. On the lampshades Guido Raffaello has invested resources for research, experimentation, the creation of specific equipment to achieve particular processes.

Only a complete and careful knowledge and investigation on the single product can reveal how much technology, technique and experience are contained in a seemingly simple product. The fabrics and their mechanical and chemical characteristics, the colors with their infinite tonalities (that someone claims unchanging over time and instead they are in continuous transformation), the alterations produced by light and heat, adhesives reactions together with the mechanical stress, the contact with the various components of the lampshade: all of these and others, are the aspects to deal during the design, prototyping and production, in order to guarantee a product with high performance.

Certainly you can do and someone does it, in a much more simple, quick and cheap way; this applies to all things, but fortunately the cost is not the only measure of a product.

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