Would you like a partner that realize your projects, until the finished products?

We can realize for you every type of lighting equipment, resolving for you each production’s problem.

Would you like to see in advance a new product that you have thought?

We can realize for you a prototype, on which we can make all the valuations you want.

Would you like the certainty that your product arrive intact to the customer?

Our packaging is designed in compliance with rules and checked to pass all the tests required.

Do you want to avoid all the logistic problems?

We can follow for you your product, until every production’s phase.

Are you looking for lampshades for your lighting equipment?

Our lampshades offer the best of aesthetics, together with one performance level above your expectations.

Have you got an idea and would like to realize it?

Our design and production experience is at your disposal

3d design

Alternative Technical solutions

Orders on demand

Stock Service

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3d design

You might think that using advanced design tools, such as 3D modeling, (which allows you to create on video products during their design), is an appropriate method for machinery and equipment, and that it is an exaggeration for lampshades or lamps.

Stock service

For clients that want to avoid their stocks and want to leave us the management and delivery charge for the final products, even if it is a single item, we offer them the possibility to manage their store.

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