To plan every activity means to prevent the future, whether short or a medium long time doesn’t matter, the reality is that we are as who read the crystal’ sphere.

One objection of who don’t plan everything is: there will be changes during the program, so it hasn’t sense to do that. Is it right who supports this thesis?

There will be inconveniences each time, and programs could change as well, then why have we to plan production time and which will be benefits?

We have to analyze all with so care.

First, who read the sphere doesn’t know the general’s contest, previous situations, all happened before planning, and there is no idea of which are objectives to reach in the future.

A company that has missions and visions, that has orders to dispatch, has to follow production and has many data, can elaborate to prevent with more or less precision:

when a component will be disposal, when a raw material will arrive from the supplier, how many resources will be available, tomorrow or next week, and how many are already used for other works.

To plan the work is the first part of “quality”, then predispose a trace to follow, and to reach the final objective will be the quality level.

To plan the production is not so simple, and in Guido Raffaello there is a person that all the day do this work, using an advanced software that permits to prevent and follow step by step every operation needed for the production, also with the barcode reading.

With these tools and operating modes Guido Raffaello knows in every moment who made what, how long and in which step is a component during internal and external production.

These information permit to plan production’s time for next days/weeks and to intervene if there will be delays, mishaps or mistakes.

Then, it means that all in Guido Raffaello happens as planned?  Absolutely not!

The reply to who confirm that it will happens something that change planning: it is right, but only a software allows modifies, the absence of planning don’t permit a “vision” in the future.

If all the possible variables can create confusion in a very definite planning, what happens in a situation where there aren’t programs? Very simple reply:  only chaos!

Guido Raffaello has abandoned long time ago the fortuity of the day by day, decided on emotions or on client’s last call.

Guido Raffaello wants to follow a planning way more definite, because nobody knows the future, but we hope that it will be ever tomorrow, and we want to make it closer to our and clients’ requirements.

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