Business Process Analysis

Every activity that is minimally complex and that belong to an organization, it takes place for processes.

Often these processes are so inherent with activity and history of the organization, which aren’t identified as such, but they represented simply all what we do every day from a long time.

For these reasons often inside the organizations don’t exist documents that identify and describe management’s processes, and even not the procedures that discipline them.

Apart from that the organizations grow and prosper, at the expense of some efficiency and effectiveness’ aspects, that evolve with the organization’s growing and become complex, articulated and correlated.

In Guido Raffaello all management’s processes are been individuated, analyzed and described, from the design to the production, from purchases to sells, from administration and formation of the employees to the registration of the non-compliances.

All these processes are followed with many actions that are documented on company system’s procedures and all provide the constant monitoring and the progress’ analysis, to individuate any failure or points to improve.

Analyze periodically, but constantly work’s processes, means to have a monitoring’ system ever active, that show how the activities are proceeding and that can register a non-compliance.

The first part of the process in which is based the quality is to individuate a mistake and to remove it.

After the first operation, that it can be of “reparation”, it is necessary to search the causes of this mistake, to remove them and then verify if the removing was appropriate, then if the problem will repeat other time or if it disappear at all.

Carry on all these activities means that we couldn’t assure the infallibility, that isn’t an human proper, but it permits to remove immediately mistakes and their effects, and to start all actions to avoid these ones.

In Guido Raffaello, all the activities are planned, actuated and checked with systems operating in real time, for example barcode reading, that identifies products and also productions’ activities.

This system permits the scheduling of all operations’ data, the registration and the management of mistakes; then all that is called non-compliance, that represents the unit with which we construct the quality.

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