The term “quality” is used as much misused in place of others that would be more relevant, such as: performance, efficiency, beauty, comfort.
The quality is the ratio between what we did and what we want to realize, therefore always provides a project or an objective formally defined and a comparison between the result and the hypothesis previously formalized.
Without a project we can get a lot of interesting features and performance, but no quality.

Based on those considerations, all our activities (those directed to customers and other managerial ones) are referred to formal procedures, projects, defined objectives, all of which allow us to see if we can keep our commitments and in which measure.
In this way we can measure the quality of each activity made in our organization, and, first of all, we can verify if all products we have supplied to customers our organization and first of all check whether what has been provided to the clients (in terms of product and service) confirm what we promised.

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