Wall lights

Electrical equipment positioned on the walls are fixed creations, that light a limited wall’s zone, on the rooms and on the corridors and can be used also for the outdoor, to provide indications and path facilitations, as well as to light the walls where they are.

Their function is then bivalent, so, they can be normal light sources for usual utilization, either emergency tools or path indications indoor and outdoor.

They are structures of various materials; those support the light bulb and the cable, and are completed from many types of lampshades.

Positioned on the external of the structure, the lampshades diffuse, suffuse and /or direct the light as you need.

Although they are products with limited using and with many design and executive restrictions, they can assume a decorative rule very important inside home in situation where you want not a prevailing light, but only on “background”.

Soft light, relaxing place, rest for the sight create nice conditions for the rest and the tranquility, in fact they are inside public and private places, where you would like to create a quiet and comfortable ambience.

Sconces have not generally a powerful light, but they are a completion to a centralized lighting, as a suspension light.

We can define them as the fixed equivalent of the table/floor lamps and they have the characteristics to show ever the same side, this is a limitation, but also a particularity, because from the sconces were created all the light communication’ shapes, on panels and on flat surfaces.

Guido Raffaello can realize every type of wall light and its lampshade, using conventional and composite materials, exploiting artisanal production’s techniques or most technological one, because if the creativity comes from the client, the concretization is made by us.

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