Suspension Lamps

The term “suspension lamp” is the technical definition of the more note “chandelier”, that is diffuse in all homes, offices, rooms that need lighting.

The meaning is so clear, it is suspended to the ceiling, in the central zone of the room that you have to light, and it permits a very wide diffusion of the light, thanks to its position.

The suspension lamp is the type of electrical fittings on which designer has worked more during time, both on technical aspects and creative fantasy.

Before to start with electrical energy, the chandelier supported candles, and even before the torches, then they are one of the most ancient utilization, for the indoor lighting.

Before to start with electrical energy, they were supports more or less large, but they were not so creative, nevertheless the chandelier Maria Teresa and the Murano glass’ chandelier were a great show in the aristocratic rooms and in the nobles’ houses.

These last chandeliers are still present sumptuously in the classical halls, ancient and modern, rarely in the normal houses, that have wall’s height more reduced than the big reception lounges.


Now the suspensions light all homes and are of all dimensions and styles, from wrought iron to the glass, from light alloys to plastic materials, until to the paper: they are produced in various shapes and with different material/technologies.

More suspensions are completed with lampshades on every light point, and sometimes Guido Raffaello was occupied in thousand items’ production, that finished some lucky suspensions’ creations.


When Guido Raffaello started the production of finished products, created from customers’ requests, it needs to search new solutions, not only for the lampshades, but also for the entire suspensions.

3d design with a modelling program is needed and it reveals a winning choice and extremely useful, because if you have to imagine a complete lampshade is so simple, but it isn’t so simply to imagine a suspension lamp, that will be seen from a particular point of view, from the bottom to the top.

To be able to draw and to show all details from various angles and to find solutions more suitable to clients’ needs has become our “modus operandi”, that is adapted to the design and to the suspensions’ lamp realization, that are more ancient electrical fittings.

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