Lighting Features

With the term “lighting fixture”, we explain both the generality of all electrical fittings, both the part that issue light in them.

The definition, so recent, starts because to use the electrical energy in the luminaires, has made possible to separate what issues the light from the rest that is only the structure of the electrical wiring.

If we can divide the various parts, we need to identify them and to indicate the part that issues light.

This distinction and the possible separation of the lighting fixtures from the complete lamps, permits to apply and use the first independently, and some of lighting fixtures are used in various different products.

For about a century the lighting fixtures for excellence was the incandescence bulb but now is out from the market, so it is substitute from the “neon” and from halogen bulbs, from the low consumption bulbs and from LED system.

A type of lighting fixtures, that must be named for its unfortunately life, is referred to the magnetic bulb, created from the inventor Tesla over 100 years ago and it has never be placed in the market for two reasons: it consumes less and it spends never itself, then it isn’t so interesting for the companies that produce bulbs.

Actually there are the LED, that are sold in all the world and it is used in various shapes, from the strips to the bulbs and to lighthouses.

Obviously, this new technology is entered from many years in Guido Raffaello: to satisfy all the clients’ requests, we had to know these new items, to learn the using instructions and to follow the evolutions (continuous and sometimes with problems), because the new items substitute the previous one quickly, generating even technical incompatibilities.

For example: now there are LED that can be dimmable, so they can be regulated to modify performances, but the accessories that has to work with the LED aren’t ever at disposal. At the same time, there will be many outdated products: if the incandescence bulb remained in the market for a century, now there are products that are used just a few years, maybe less.

It happens in the “lighting frames” world what takes place in all electronic sector: a continuous creation on new items that substitute and eliminate the previous one, without placing alongside those.

All of that represent a promise and a continuous challenge for a company like Guido Raffaello, which wants to be ever updated and to satisfy the requests of clients.

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