Floor Lamps

With the term “floor lamp” we define a lighting product that, different from the others, doesn’t need to be fixed, because lean on the floor with a solid base that gives to the product its logistic autonomy.

The floor lamp, compatibly with its weight and dimension, can be moved more or less easily to light different zones of rooms where it is positioned. Often the mobility of this lighting frame is independent from the base that remain fixed, instead the bulb support and the bulb can move in radial and spatial way.

As the table lamps, they are often design products and they are the result of stylistic researches and techniques more sophisticated. Some of them have only practical function, for example the lighting in the photographical set, but in general, their use is to illuminate definite spaces in homes and public rooms.

In Guido Raffaello we produce floor lamps with extreme finishing level, that oppose the minimal style to an exasperate research of precision in works and finishing. If it is right that the devil stays in the details, Guido Raffaello is involved in a continuous and without limits battle, because devil is also in a needle head, maybe positioned in a wrong place.

When you want to search professionality during product’s construction, you haven’t to stop at the overview, but you have to concentrate yourself in the details and you will find things that at the first sight you don’t see. A floor lamp presents some parts that are at our eyes’ height, and difficulty those can escape to our customers.

A question could be spontaneous: has it sense to work searching the perfection in a maniacal way?

Guido Raffaello replies with another request: has it sense to work below our own best?

To this request our reply is on our daily work and it is a simple NO.

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