Design and tests on packaging

Talking of logistics, means also to consider the handling of products and the movement is associated with the risk of collateral damage, resulting from falls, accidents and various impacts, that may occur during all the handling both in the Guido Raffaello either after delivery to the forwarder.

Internal and external operators with high professional skills are necessary, but not sufficient, because the incident can always happen, so it is necessary to provide all that is predictable and to minimize the risks. For this reason, we design and ask to our suppliers to produce packaging in compliance with the rules, both for some semi-finished items and for all the finished products.

Our packages can bear tens of falls from different heights, those are superior then in the normal deliveries. The tests that we make on the complete packages and show that, after many falls, with various ways and positions, the product in the inside of the box not suffer any damage.

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