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On dimensions of bedside tables, you can’t negotiate, as the house space is normally limitate. On their types, habits and practicality count a lot. For the rest, you can create, following the principal concept of colors and finishings.

The bedside tables often play an outsider role in the bedroom even if in reality they give a strong imprint to the whole room. To choose them, before lingering over aesthetics, there are several aspects to consider: from the most immediate that is the available space (its distance from the bed must be at least 10 cm), to the proportions (it must not be neither too high nor too low compared to the mattress) up to personal habits and needs.


Satin and gilded brass structure for lighting test.

Let’s put ideas into practice: This is why we call ourselves Creative Craftsmen

* Because we love producing as much as creating,

* Because we use multiple tools and work on the detail, on the finish, on what differentiates,

* Because we believe that ideas start from the head and communicate with the heart,

* But only your hands can give it life, warmth and beauty.

To be always ahead of the times!

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