Our Vision

The terms vision and mission are parts of history of quality management rules and they have represented, in our opinion, the high period of the attempt to commit to the entrepreneurs the rule of protagonists of the general improvement of the society and the way of life.

In the next years we have returned to the “ISO 9001”, abandoning every improvement for a society that isn’t interested to persons, life quality and human relationship.

Maybe we preserve and use these two terms for our idealistic heritage, because we aren’t integralists and we want not confirm that the company management is a good think for the employees, represent its security, etc., etc., we are conscious that we do business to increase the capital, but we are also convinced that the capital and the net income can grow up, increasing in the same time the satisfaction of all that are the subjects interested and involved on the management, then who are named stake holders, “game involved”.

Stake holders are: investors, customers, suppliers, employees, external world of the company, institutions and not only.

All those interchange something with the organization and from that become satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and between these 2 terms, there are the success and the life of the company.

Our vision is, first of all, the continuity, that is a warranty of a constant presence in the market, and this means:

  • Assistance and continuous services to customers
  • Work for suppliers
  • Security and stability for the employees
  • Net income for the investitors
  • Certain references for the institutions and for the external world of the company

Continuity means to be tomorrow, next year, next 10 years and more, also over the manager life, because the first objective of an entrepreneur is to be able that the company will function, live and prosper regardless from his continuous presence, but only few of them are able to do that.

Continuity is an indispensable factor, so this is the first vision, but the continuity has to be followed also from other, that will not be unchanged on time, but it will change as all the world’s things.

As we will progress, in the time and not necessary in the dimensions, another vision will be excellence, because we want not to go ahead, it isn’t sufficient to reach economics objectives and to satisfy the stake holders, but we want to become an excellence point in this market.

Thanks to founder’s work, our company is known for the high level of performance of our products, which are consequently destined to high market’s levels.

In our vision there is our performances’ increasing and how the market implements those ones, then we evaluate if it will be possible and if we will able to enter in other market’s bands, maintaining high quality standards.

Certainly ambitious “vision”, but we think that difficulties and obstacles have to reduce our ambitious and not that we have to do that, maybe because we have fare of fail, mistakes and missing objectives belong to who have objectives and not to persons that have fare to make something wrong.

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