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The satisfaction of customers is not a slogan, but our daily work..

Guido Raffaello Srl born in the 1967 and immediately distinguish itself in the lighting market for the accuracy with which the products are made, realized on customers’ request, but considered as own creations, then with all the care and the attention that arises in an own “creation”.

The founders Luciana and Guido have chosen the difficulty of a grown path, that have never considered the price as a winning weapon to impose themselves on the market, because they are convinced that, in the medium/long term, it is the quality that permits to gain. Also the saying “who spends more, spends less” is a sapience, that is versus the consumerism, that prefers throwaway products.

To accept the definition: “Raffaello, the lampshades most expensive of the world”, not as a critic, but as a challenge to win, has showed that you can win this dare, not to want appear, but looking for the objective of a quality without compromises.

This doesn’t mean to waste resources unnecessarily or to charge management’s mistakes to clients, or a penalty on quality, then the company has chosen the way of quality’s management, applying the criteria of ISO 9001, but refusing unnecessary labels.

Guido Raffaello don’t want to have certainly the most expensive products of the world, but with the maximum quality and performance, which must be paid in the correct way. We can’t satisfy the desires of all and then it is better to decide at which market the company wants to target, and we want to follow a market than don’t like compromises, when it comes to quality.

In recent years, Guido Raffaello, after passing undamaged the global crisis, has had to overcome the much more serious in the internal, due to the death of the founder and the withdrawal of his wife and this phase has been possible thanks to the solid basis that had been created from the far-sightedness of the two founders.
The dynamic and effective management is based on the direct involvement of human resources, which are involved at all levels, not only in their specific activity, but in dealing with and respond positively to requests from customers.

The satisfaction of customers is not a slogan, but our daily work.

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