Our History

Customers’ satisfaction is not a slogan, but our daily work!

Guido Raffaello was born in 1967 and immediately stands out in the lighting market for the accuracy and quality with which the products are finished, realized on the request of customers, but considered as their own creations, therefore with all the care and attention that is placed in its own “creature”.

Today the company is headed by Michelangelo Raffaello.

With staff passionate about the world of lighting, in all its simplicity is well structured and prepared to realize even the most sophisticated custom projects!

The craftsmanship experience of more than 50 years, the manual skills, the technological knowledges, the maximum availability and the services that we offer to our customers will permit to you to get excellent sales results!

Dynamic and effective management is based on the direct involvement of our team, committed at all levels, not only in its specific activity, but in dealing with and responding positively to requests from customers.

The company “Guido Raffaello S. R” L.” has proven over the years to be a reliable partner in the design and production of high quality lighting. Our partners include nationally and internationally renowned furniture designers.

Customers’ satisfaction is not a slogan, but our daily work!

The founders Luciana and Guido have chosen the difficulty of a grown path that has never considered the price as a weapon to establish the market, always been convinced that in the medium/long term, is the quality that pays off, and that the saying “the more one spends, spends less” is the fruit of wisdom, as opposed to consumerism, which prefer the disposable products.

The goal of our company has always been uncompromising quality!



Among our ADVANTAGES there is first of all continuity, which is a guarantee of a constant presence on the market, and this means:
• Design consultancy
• Ongoing customer support and services
• Work for suppliers
• Security and stability for employees
• Guarantee of the finished product
• Certain references for institutions and for the world outside the company
Thanks to the work of the founders, our company is recognized for the high level of performance of our products, which are consequently destined for a high-end market.


Our MISSION consists of all our objectives:

To make our customers more loyal by maintaining the quality standard achieved and approved by them. For our customers we want to be research and proposal partners and not just suppliers of components or finished products.
Constantly analyze the work of our team in order to guarantee the level of performance that our products and services currently have
Improving the working conditions within our company. The management is facing the study of a partnership system, which can gratify all those who contribute to the growth of the company.
• To grow, through the identification and analysis of our mistakes, our way of working and our products.



By applying the ISO 9001 criteria, we follow the path of quality and performance management.

The primary component of quality, indicated by the ISO 9001 standards, is the definition of the goal, of what you want to achieve, of the project of what you want to achieve.

In Guido Raffaello we maintain high quality standards through the analysis of all business processes from design to production, from purchasing to sales, from staff management and training to the fundamental management of non-conformities.

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email: commerciale@guidoraffaello.com

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