Our Mission

Light your ideas.

Our mission is composed from all our objectives, in the short and medium term, that are:

-customer loyalty, through the maintaining of the reached and approved quality standard, and increasing/purposing them new services or integrations of them.

For our clients we want to be research/purpose’s partners and not simple suppliers of components or final products.

-improve our relationship with suppliers, because without them (at least some very important), we are not able to guarantee the level that now have our products and our services.

The work is difficult, because improve our and suppliers performances, means work with non-compliances and nobody likes to show off its mistakes.

We need to explain that they are not objections finalized to simple critics or to a discount’s requests, but they are punctual analysis to avoid same inconveniences in the future.

We are conscious that we search minimal defects, but they have not to exist.

-improve our work conditions inside our workshop, searching to understand what our collaborators need and to reduce the distance from management persons (that are also the property) and all the employees.

The property is dealing with study of a share’ system that can gratify, not only with words, all the persons that contribute to the company’s growing.

-improve our working method, finding and analyzing our mistakes.

Monthly budget analysis permit to constantly monitor the economic-financial situation of the company, and from these numbers we take indications on the initiative useful to modify, correct and improve the total management.

Once it would be a not so diffuse method, to see the numbers and understand what to do, but now it is an accepted, shared normal work method.

Many times numbers’ reading has allowed us to turn around decisions that seem rational and convenient; as a good management is based on three instruments: daily’s sighting, results’ analyzing until yesterday and to see ahead.

The analysis of what we do each day and the corrections of our mistakes allow us a better future, or at least an expected future.

Operate preventing what could happen, relying on the past, give us an immediate result: the awareness of reality that involve more safety, instead of the total ignorance.

We hope to be able to realize all our mission, because it is the only method that we want to use to manage our organization.

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email: commerciale@guidoraffaello.com

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